Pure Imports brings luxury products into your home or hospitality environment

Pure Imports offers you an exclusive range of products, both imported and South African made.  These are all ideal for use in your own home or to give as luxury gifts to family, friends, business clients and work colleagues.  We also cater for the hospitality industry and most products can be branded for corporate gifts.

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Pure Imports real wax LED candlesry products
Pure Imports battery candles
Moo Moone table linen
Moo Moone table linen
Moo Moone Botanical prints
Moo Moone botanical prints
Pure Imports LED Cubes
Pure Imports outdoor LED lights
Rio Largo olive oil vegetables
Rio Largo extra virgin olive oil
Moo Moone Indoor plants
Moo Moone hand-made indoor plants
Scented soy wax tablets
JK scented soy wax tablets
David Bellamy black designs
David Bellamy cushions and cushion covers
David Bellamy hats
David Bellamy velvet hats
Real wax candles
JK French-scented wax candles
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