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Protect youself from COVID-19

Matching perspex visor & face mask

Face Masks & Shields

Protect yourself from COVID-19 by wearing a face mask or face shield.

Your mask needs to be at least double-layered, particularly if you use it in the work environment. Our masks are constructed from 2 layers of polypropylene non-woven fabric:

o An 80 gsm outer layer – harder and tear resistant
o A 40 gsm inner layer – softer and more comfortable against the skin.

Polypropylene is a spun bond lining a non-woven fabric which is:
o Tear resistant
o Stable
o Air permeable
o Better bacteria filtration
o Fire resistant (it melts when too hot)
o Used for all medical and surgical masks worldwide.

These masks are being supplied to individuals, businesses, private hospitals, state hospitals, , medical doctors and SAPS – with a large proportion being donated to state facilities and vulnerable communities. They have been tested by NCRS and have SANS numbers: 1866:2008 &1866:2018.

Pure Imports 2-layer mask
Double layer polypropylene medical grade mask

Our semi-disposable face masks can be worn at least 6 times, depending on personal preference and degree of contact. manufactured with 120 gsm double layer polypropylene, providing Level 2 protection.

Manufactured in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large. Colours available: Black and Grey (White is reserved for medical workers).

pure imports face shield
3-layer washable mask, unbranded
3-layer washable face mask, unbranded
3-layer washable beak mask, unbranded
3-layer washable beak face mask, unbranded
spray sanitiser

Hand Sanitisers

Protect yourself from COVID-19 by using an effective hand sanitiser.  It’s important to note that the Ethanol content needs to be at least 60%.

There are numerous cheap sanitisers currently on the market that do not meet this minimum requirement. Many contain only 40% ethanol.

This Pepper Tree waterless hand sanitiser in a convenient spray bottle contains 62.5% ethanol.

Hand Sanitiser tubes 50 ml
Hand Sanitiser tubes 50 ml
Hand Sanitiser bottle 300 ml
Hand Sanitiser bottle 300 ml
Hand Sanitiser 1 litre
Hand Sanitiser 1 litre plastic bottle
Hand Sanitiser 5 litre
Hand Sanitiser 5 litre plastic can

Hygiene Key

Protect yourself from COVID-19 in many day-to-day situations with this simple little device. You use this to push buttons safely, such as those you find on credit card machines and in lifts.

Our hygiene key prevents direct finger contact with the buttons which could spread viruses and bacteria.

Easy to clean and sanitise. Attach it onto your key ring or lanyard, using the rectangular slot.

Hygiene key

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